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SF2MIX     /     SF2CE
Version 1.3
- Possibility to change characters during rounds by holding Start + corresponding button.
- Decreased amount of Vigor lost when suffering any damage.
- Escape from grabbed 1/3 bar of vigor.
- P.guard Small recovery of Life + small recovery of Vigor.
- Round start by default without random distances.
- Classic scenarios against the CPU by default.
- Full Mode - added starting at random distances.
- Classic Mode - disables character switching and Full mode.

- Blanka - Second Roling Attack 1/5 vigor bar.
- Blanka - Extra Hit to Strong Punch.
- Guile - Vertical Sonic Boom with more angle.
- Chun-Li - Spinning Bird Kick - acerto Extra Hit when lifting the legs up.
- Chun-Li - Double Kick fix bug transform in Kikouken.
- Zanguief - Quick lariat going further and with Extra Hit.
- Dhalsim - Extra hit for Yoga Flame.
- Dhalsim - hitbox increase for medium punch and high kick from close range.
- Balrog - hitbox increase for strong punch and down ligt punch.
- Balrog - You can fly hold ← → 2 chutes.
- Vega - punch damage increase and weak strength lowered.
- Vega - Elemental Fire Claw Extra Hit for hard punching in the air.
- Sagat - 2 hits for Close-Up Power Kicks.
- Sagat - Tiger Uppercut adjusted collision box for weak and medium.
- Bison - Air Psychocrusher 1/5 vigor bar.
- Bison - hitbox increase for hard punch down.

SF2MIX     /     SF2CE
Version 1.2
- Chun-Li (Double Kick) decreased strong projectile damage.
- Honda (Super Rage Zutsuki) fixed goes through Guile (Sonic Boom).
- Zanguief increased damage.
- Dhalsim Light Punch close up must be defended down.
- Dhalsim (Double Yoga Fire) increased damage.

Version 1.1
- Increased the charge time of Balrog's moves..
- Increased the charge time of Guile's moves.
- Balrog (Buffalo Headbutt) does not give extra hits if it hits the opponent in the air.
- Blanka (Electric Rolling Attack) fixed bug when canceling.
- Bison (Psycho Crusher) added attack at the end of the movement.
- Chun-Li (Double Kick) changed damage type of the first kick.
- Honda (Super Rage Zutsuki) goes through projectiles.
- Zanguief (Air Piledriver) removed.
- V.Ken (Shoryuken) weak changed range and height.

SF2MIX     /     SF2CE
Version 1.0
- All charge moves need to charge a little, except Chun Li (Spinning Bird Kick).
- Zanguief does not start the fight close to his opponent.
- Fixed command recognition in (Honda, Blanka, Balrog) .
- Ryu (Air Tatsu) if done jumping backwards knocks down.
- Ken (Air Tatsu) if done jumped backwards pushes.
- Guile (Flash Kick) with changed distances.
- Guile (Rolling Sobat) uses 1/3 of the Vigor Bar.
- Guile has a new run animation.
  (Made by Luis Ramírez) deviantart

Version 0.99a
- Ken can transform into Violent Ken.
- Ken (Tatsumaki) can be finished with kick.
- Evil Ryu won a new movement.
- Damage reduction in (Air Tatsumakis).
- Bug fixing by doing 2 simultaneous E.Ryu transformations.
- Balrog (Dash Upper) with animation time equal to (Dash Straight).
- Different animations for long jumps.
- Guile (Rolling Sobat) uses 3/16 of the VigorBar.
- Classic Mode: Dip Switch B5 ON = non-random stages against CPU.

Version 0.98c
- Default Mode = no 3d fake, no car in India, no random bonus stages.
- Full Mode = Dip Switch B4 on or holding down the selection screen enables everything that was removed in default mode.
- Classic Mode = holding down + 3 kicks on the selection screen disables random stages.

- Quick motion glitch after P.Guard.
- G.Crush when life = 0.
- Command for Player 2 Vega (Scarlet Kick) .
- Chun Li (Air Spinning Bird Kick) after jumping on screen.
- Honda (Super Rage Zutsuki) does not empty Vigor when using P.Guard.
- Bug with Zanguief that reset the game.
- Maintenance of some combos from 0.97.
- Ryu Tatsumaki sound fixed.
- Fixed Honda (Super Rage Zutsuki) sometimes not lose Vigor.

- Zanguief with new colors.
- Zanguief (Hopak Kick) animation a little faster,
- Zanguief (Super / Screw Piledriver) only works 12 frames after the fight starts.
- Zanguief (Super Screw Piledriver) spends 3/4 vigor with a little less delay to recovery.
- Guile (Sonic Boom) a little slower.
- Sagat (Tiger Knee Crush) weak (extra hit).
- Sagat (Tiger Uppercut) removed head collision box.
- Balrog (Buffalo Headbutt) through projectiles.
- Escape (start) going a little further.
- Difficulty a little easier when below level 3.

Version 0.97
- Fixed 8x Flash Kicks Bug with Guile that affected projectiles.
- Ryu's Round 3 Scenario Sky Fixed.
- Fixed black stripe after completion of game.
- Player x Player fights does not eliminate CPU.
- New win quotes for E.Ryu.
- Added new Run animation for Ryu and Ken.
  (Made by Luis Ramírez) deviantart

Version 0.96d:
- Removed the bat from the China background.
  (Apologies to all who felt offended)
- E.Ryu as new boss after defeating Bison.
- Increased range of Vega punch down.
- Light changes in some Chun-Li palettes.
- Classic Mode via Dip Switch enabling DIP Switch SW-B4 (disables all changes in backgrounds).
- Untested rom may still have several bugs.

Version 0.96:
- Initial version.


FightCade2 - Online Multiplayer
Download: https://www.fightcade.com
Put sf2mix.zip in the folder "FightCade/emulator/fbneo/ROMs"

FinalBurn Neo
Download: https://github.com/finalburnneo/FBNeo

Use Official Mame: https://www.mamedev.org
Rename sf2mix.zip to sf2ce.zip
Copy the rom sf2ce.zip to 2 locations:
1 - Root folder where mame64.exe is located
2 - Mame roms folder
In the root folder click and hold the sf2ce.zip file and drag to mame64.exe, as in the picture below

Fba4droid - Android
Download: fba4droid
Rename sf2mix.zip to sf2ce.zip

FinalBurn Alpha
Download: https://www.fbalpha.com/downloads
Rename sf2mix.zip to sf2ce.zip
Open the rom sf2ce.zip manually without the emulator having recognised

Kawaks 1.65
Emulator not recommended for presenting errors in the scenarios (fake 3d)